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Where Imaginations are Infectious.

Estd. Oct. 26, 1985


Oct 1985

The history of the Board, as we know it, starts at a time when lecturers walked the quadrangle and giant mascots of the Dark Lord were hung in every nook and corner of SJCE. Those were the days of severe artistic unrest and great despair among students. However, at the onset of Kali-yuga, after a fierce battle of the old and the new, a brave new team of good Samaritans took the helm of lighting a till then unknown torch, and called it Jayzine. The baton was passed on to a chosen set of people to preserve the legacy - to a tribe which ultimately came to be called as The SJCE Editorial Board.


Feb 2006

In the hoary days, before anyone of us was born, it's said that Jayciana was actually a cultural and literary jamboree. It wasn't always a celebrity fuelled bonanza; it allowed the amateur writers, poets and artists to kick their heels in to the ground and create a small dust storm. As the years went by, the noise drowned out the quiter outbursts of poetic inspiration. When the first mutterings of ||SHABD|| arose, naysayers were galore. A technical college had no place for those artsy types, they said. A plucky final year student, Gautam Ramadurai pitched the idea of ||SHABD|| and had to run from pillar to post to get it going. Since then, Shabd has become what it is today - the only literary fest by an engineering college in Karnataka.

Started out small..

And today, we're the best at what we do!

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The Ed crew

We are one big family!


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|| shabd ||

A literary fest that makes memories.


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One magazine to awe them all.

The Editorial Board is the fiery crucible from whence the writings to awe them all and the activities to wow them all are forged meticulously.
Here, under the watchful eyes of Sir Edit-A-Lot, the Editors work round the clock on two of the most important tasks on his bucket list. One, a colorful canvas showcasing the articles, poetry, art and achievements from various precincts of SJCE - Jayzine. Two, a festival of celebrating literature and putting literary and art enthusiasts on a pedestal worthy of praise; a celebration that ties the whole of SJCE together - ||SHABD||.
The Editorial Board is not merely just a group of students; it's a family of people who choose to spend time together and participate in making literature more fun, accessible to all and ... (Well, somethings are better left unfinished)




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We like keeping things clean and simple. Our seniors did a great job making a logo that spells out JC ED in an aesthetic manner. We improvised on that, introduced the material design, flattened the design out and changed up the color palette a bit. We also love keeping our logo dynamic, fresh and tuned for different occasions. Here are a few examples!

Color Palette



For all serif purposes, we use the Adobe Caslon Pro family. It's simple and professional; One of the best fonts to use if you would like to mimick fonts available on LATEX in other word processors. Our official San-serif font is Segoe UI Light. Gives a soothing and refreshing look to any text; makes it less strainful on the eyes and provides a lot of whitespace. We use Big John and Slim Joe for an all-caps font. Both of them are neat, geometrically designed fonts of different weights. We use it for our branding as well. Here's a link to a few awesome fonts that you can download for free!

Editorial Board

Adobe Caslon Pro

Editorial Board

Segoe UI Light

Editorial Board

Big John

Editorial Board

Slim Joe


Something we at the Board always look forward to do is put up illustrations of things happening in and around college. Here's a quick look at an illustration!

Our Hoodies

Every year, we get a cutsom printed hoodie to mark ourselves from the rest of the college crowd. References to pop cult is always a must! Here are a few one liners and designs that we used in our hoodies in the past few years!


The most badass mascot ever!

Sir Edit-A-Lot was born in the quaint and cheery town of Rimbik. Sir Edit-A-Lot grew up in a loving environment, but his feline parents seemed very insistent on putting Edit-A-Lot into a good Mouser College. Fortunately, one New Year’s Eve, in a moment of drunken weakness, they agreed to send our dear Lord to the Royal Furball Institute of Grammatical Sciences, Kibmir, a prestigious institute that was very selective in its animal intake. Rumours are that they simply required the assistance of someone who could edit a lot. BS. And thus began the third of the nine lives of Sir Edit A Lot. Words can actually capture the extraordinary life of this bohemian grimalkin, but we are not of such a brave disposition as to attempt to chronicle this epic saga.

Upon one his gallivanting excursions to the Kingdom of Fisch, he chanced upon a troop of good for nothings. It was then that light shone upon his venerable head, and the grand idea of Shabd took inception. As his humble minions, we strive to uphold his ideals and whiskers; and all we can say is this:

All hail Sir-Edit-A-Lot, Lord of the Meows, Warden of Purrfection, Owner of the Comma, King of the Empty Milk Bottles, Righteous User of the Apostrophe, Chief Belly Scratcher at Belly Scratchers Inc. (cofounded by messrs Sir Edit a Lot and his right paw, Mister Edit a Little) and Undisputed Badass of the Milky Way.

Or as Sir-Edit-A-Lot would put it so beautifully, ‘Meow.’

That's a wrap!

That's probably all we've got to show you for now. If you do wanna catch up with us, hit the contact button down below!